Moon and associated Families in Australia

Welcome! This work started out research my own immediate Moon family who started in Australia with Henry John Moon (1822 – 1864) born in Rolvenden, Kent, England he came as a bounty immigrant in 1839 on board ‘Cornwall’. His brother, sister and cousins all arrived the year before onboard ‘Maitland‘. The research now includes all of my grandparents and their families to at least nine generations and in one case 18 generations, as I have built on the work of other researchers. My aim now is to document each of my 16 Great Grandparents families. This site will be progressively updated as I progress.


Grandparents and Great Grandparents

Great Grandparents Book Reports (Ancestors and Descendants)

Roy Linden Moon (1890 – 1972) and Elsie Ellen Lambert (1894 – 1982)
Herbert George Barrett (1884 -1963) and Ethel Elizabeth Clara Housego (1890 – 1979)
Phillip Henry Meyers (1865-1950) and Lily May Nash (1877 – 1953)
Richard Turnbull Blackett (1880 – 1955) and Alice Elizabeth Caunt (1883 – 1954)


Many years of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I acknowledge all the researchers who have already documented the Barrett, Housego families particularly my Uncle Robert Moon and his Aunt Olive Poile, also those who put together the Meyer Family History.  These have provided a secure foundation for my research and I have endeavored to add value while confirming every detail.



Moon Family Farm at Vineyard, NSW 1901